bri eggers bio

A Disney vacation should be nothing less than perfectly dreamy – for everyone in the family. Have you ever dreamt of actually relaxing on vacation?  Kicking back with a flute of champagne next to the Eiffel Tower in EPCOT?  Soaking in the Pirate’s life in the Magic Kingdom’s Caribbean for a little “me” time?  Your spouse taking all three kids to build lightsabers while you sit in the sunshine with a cool beverage?  Most people think that a Disney vacation is just for kids, but I’m willing to bet that you’ll be shocked to learn how much of your family’s Disney vacation is specifically for you.  Of course, get ready for all of the warm, cozy, nostalgic feelings!  But with all of that “kids stuff” that your family is looking forward to, I will help you find the things that bring you joy.

However, planning all of these things for every member of the family can be very overwhelming, and that is where I come in. Hi, I’m Bri, a mom of two from Boise, Idaho. I’m here for you, to take on all of the stress and work that’s involved with planning your dream Disney vacation, so you can discover all of the things that bring you JOY.  “Wait, I have to make dining reservations how far in advance?”  Relax!  Leave it to me.  There will be no work on vacation.  You work hard enough!!  Soak up every magical moment during your trip of a lifetime and bring home endless memories (and pictures with all of the royalty, of course)!  From my bag of tricks, helpful tips, and limitless pixy dust, I’ll tailor your dream Disney vacation to please each member of your family — especially the person who was selfless enough to book the trip in the first place… YOU!