We promise to create a magical vacation through our passion, commitment, integrity, and professionalism.

At My Mickey Vacation Travel, we know you don’t just want to take a vacation to a Disney Destination, you want to create amazing, joyful memories that will last a lifetime.

In order to do that, you need to have a well planned trip!

The only problem is researching all the options takes a lot of time; time you don’t have.  The internet will offer lots of reviews and opinions, but often times those reviews will only add to the confusion.  You won’t find personal advice on what’s best for your family in an online review.

That’s part of what makes planning a trip this far in advance so overwhelming.  How are you supposed to know what restaurant to eat at four months from now, when you’re still wondering what to make for dinner tonight!  

Given the investment you’re making into this trip, you deserve to have a phenomenal time even during the research and planning.

Our Dream Designers™ know how important it is that you see the wonder, magic, and excitement in your child’s eyes.  We talk with our Guests (that’s you) every single day, to help them plan those kinds of moments. They don’t happen by accident.

In 2022 alone, we’ve booked over 5,000 trips and counting to various Disney Destinations.  And 65% of the families trusting us with their vacation are either referrals or have trusted us before.

Here’s why.

First – we’ll help you reserve your vacation.  Regardless of the Disney Destination you’re going to, whether it’s on land – or sea – we know all the details.  Just tell us about the experience you want to have, and we’ll make the right recommendations for your family. Once you’ve decided on the destination, we’ll book everything for you.

Second – we’ll help you plan your itinerary.  You can lean on our expert knowledge for dining recommendations, fast pass choices, and excursion options.  Your Dream Designer will act as your personal concierge, listening to you and your family’s dreams, so that you go on a vacation where every wish can come true.

Third – we’ll wrap up the details.  3 weeks before your vacation, you’ll receive what we call Mickey Mail!  It’ll have your itineraries, magic bands, luggage tags, confirmation of stroller rentals, park maps, and tips for maximizing the fun.  We literally take care of everything, right down to curb side pick up at the airport.

So give your Dream Designer a call, or if this is your first time here, use the form below to tell us about the memories you want to create, and we’ll give you a call.

Don’t leave happy memories to chance by trying to do everything on your own!

Instead, let My Mickey Vacation Travel design your dream vacation, so you can give your loved ones memories they’ll cherish forever, and have an experience you never imagined was possible.


The Magic behind My Mickey Vacation Travel – Our Core Values

Family –  We believe that Family is to be honored and respected.  Recognizing that families are not just defined as mom, dad, and the kids, we believe that every family should experience the magic of a special bond and memories when traveling together.  The spirit of family will be evident in all we do and how we treat our guests and each other.

Integrity – In all that we do, we will do it with the highest level of integrity.  Transparency and honesty are the cornerstones to integrity.  We will always do the right thing because it’s right.

Giving Back – We believe that we are blessed to be a successful company.  We know that we are successful not only due to the amazing efforts of our team, but because of the many people who trust us with their vacation investments.  We believe that it is important to share our success with others.  Therefore, our company has adopted a special charity – Give Kids the World – and give a portion of our proceeds to help those in need.

Commitment – We believe that our guests don’t deserve a part-time vacation, and therefore will not receive a part-time plan.  Our promise is to provide our full commitment to each vacation as if it were our own.

Knowledge – We believe that we can only service our guests if we are fully informed about the destinations we are recommending.  We commit to ongoing training, ongoing personal development, and ongoing personal destination visits in order to provide the most comprehensive advice and consult to our guests.

Professionalism – We believe that our guests deserve a professional experience when working with our team.  We will always treat our guests, as well as operate our business, in a professional manner,

Respect – The accumulation of all our Core Values tie back to one word – Respect.  In all that we do, we will do so with an attitude of respect.  Nothing less will ever be tolerated.




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