As your Royal Caribbean cruise sail date approaches you will want to complete online check-in.  While online check-in is optional, completing this step helps to speed up the process of boarding your ship once you arrive at the cruise terminal.  Online Check-In opens 45 days before your cruise and you must complete and generate your SetSail Pass no later than 3 days prior to sailing.  On-line check in can be completed on the Cruise Planner website or on your Royal Caribbean Cruise Line app.  Guest can use their iOS or Android device to check-in and arrive to the terminal with a digital SetSail Pass.


  1. Open the app, log in, and tap “Check-in” to begin your on-line check in process up to 45 days prior to arrival.
  2. Select the Guest(s) to check-in and tap Continue.
  3. Using the drop-down arrow under “Travel documentation” select the desired document type. If passport/passport card is selected as the document type, a button will appear offering the Guest the opportunity to scan their passport.  Follow the on-screen instructions to scan your passport.  Other required information in this step includes country of residency and country of birth, Crown & Anchor Society number (if applicable), home address, and emergency contact information (someone who is not sailing).
  4. Guests can take their security photo in the app or upload a photo. Follow the on-screen instructions (no other people, hats, or glasses in the picture).
  5. Provide a credit or debit card for your onboard expense account. Guests may add a different credit card for each member of their party or assign no charging privileges.
  6. Certify that you have read and accept the terms of the Cruise Ticket Contract. The Guest will not be able to tap Continue until they accept the Cruise Ticket Contract.
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7.  Select a port arrival time. Please note – arrival outside of your scheduled arrival time will delay your boarding.

8.  Once guests complete the travel information and select their arrival time, they can select to view their Set Sail Pass. The ‘not yet cleared to board’ message will appear for all guests until they complete the Health Questionnaire when prompted to do so the day before their sailing.

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9.  At noon the day before your sailing, you will receive a notification to complete the health questions which are required of all guests in order to qualify to board. Touching the app notification which will launch the required health questions.  It is required that each guest answers the set of questions within 24 hours of arrival at the port for their sailing in order to qualify to board.

10.  Once the guest completes the full set of health questions, simply press submit. Please note that it is not possible to edit questions once answers have been submitted. The app will display any next steps and clear instructions as required. 

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You will then be returned to the Dashboard.  To view the pass you’ll need to tap View SetSail Pass.  The pass will display with barcode to be scanned at the cruise terminal.  Swipe left to view the SetSail Passes for other Guests in your party.  

If you need to edit your check-in or change your port arrival time, tap ‘Edit Check-in’ to make the necessary changes.

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When your documents (EDoc) are ready you will be able to find them on your Cruise Planner account on your computer.  Your EDocs contain a single, printable embarkation bag tag that you can duplicate as needed.

IMPORTANT: Please print, read and retain your EDoc as it contains important details about their upcoming cruise, which may include specific travel information, not found elsewhere in the communications you have received from Royal Caribbean.