Today is the day!  The vacation that you’ve been carefully planning for months is finally about to begin.  But sometimes the embarkation process can be a little stressful.  This guide is designed to assist you through the arrival, check-in, and embarkation process.  After these steps, you’ll be on board and experiencing all wonderful things there are to see and do board the Royal Caribbean fleet.

  • Check in each member of your party on the Royal Caribbean app and select your port arrival time – once you have paid in full you will be able to check in with the app up to 45 days in advance of your first sailing day. Each person in your party needs the following information:
    • Passport Information
    • A valid credit card or debit card (to link for charging purposes)
    • Take or upload a front-facing photo of each member of your party.
    • You will receive your Sea Pass after completing these steps.
  • One day prior to sailing you will receive an alert through the Royal Caribbean app requesting that each member of your party completes a health questionnaire.
  • Pack (IN YOUR CARRY-ON LUGGAGE) your passports, and any other health-related or vital documents.
  • Make sure your Royal Caribbean luggage tags are attached to the bags you will be checking in AT THE PORT. Do not put the tags on your bags for your flight. 
  • When you arrive at the port at your selected arrival time you will drop off your checked bags with the porters outside. This is the last time you will see these bags until your stateroom is ready, so be sure to have all of your important documents, medication, and anything else you may need prior to your room being ready. 
  • The next step in the process is to go through port security. Your carry-on bags will be checked here.  Again, make sure you have all of your identification documents close at hand.
  • Once through security you will now go to Check In to have all of your documentation and your photo verified.
  • All that’s left to do now is wait to board. When boarding begins you will scan your Set Sail Pass again to when you board.


The temptation once on board is to start exploring the ship and enjoy the first of many wonderful meals, but there is still one step left to check off your list.  You must complete the ship’s security briefing before the ship can set sail.  Royal Caribbean’s eMuster (or Muster 2.0) is a system developed to make this entire process easier.  Follow these simple steps to complete the ship’s security briefing any time at your convenience before the elapsed time on your app expires. 

  1. Open the Royal Caribbean app and tap “Safety” to find the safety information for your cruise.
  2. On this page you will find your assembly station location and lots of important safety information including life jacket instructions, the emergency horn sound, medical facility location, and detailed instructions on what to do and what not to do if you hear the safety horn.
  3. You’ll need to watch a short safety video on the app or on the television in your stateroom and then you’ll proceed to the assigned assembly station to be checked in by a crew member.

Your Stateroom

By 1:00 pm your stateroom should be ready.  You’ll want to be listening to the cruise director’s announcements around this time.  At this point you can proceed to your stateroom to drop off your carry-on luggage.  Your Sea Pass cards will be waiting for you outside your door. 


All that’s left to do now is explore, experience, and enjoy your cruise ship!  Bon Voyage!