Cap off your day at Walt Disney World Resort with the unforgettable sights & sounds of famous Disney fireworks at Magic Kingdom Park.  These evening spectaculars are incredibly popular and draw large crowds every night.  Use this guide to find the perfect spot for your group. 

Best Locations for Viewing Nighttime Shows
MK Fireworks Graphic.2021

What is the best location for viewing the nighttime shows at Cinderella Castle? Well, the truth is that it depends on your goal.

  • If getting the best view of the show is your goal your party will want to find space in one of the prime viewing areas. If seeing projections on Cinderella Castle is your priority find a spot right at the Castle Stage.  The best viewing areas for the overall experience will be in the area between the Partners statue and the end of Main Street U.S.A.  Areas shaded in GREEN are the prime viewing locations.  While these areas will have the best view of the show, they are likely to be more crowded than other viewing areas.
  • If you are content to hear the music and see the fireworks above Cinderella Castle from a reasonably close distance you may want to choose an area highlighted in YELLOW, which offer a good view of the show. Some views from these areas may be obstructed.
  • Areas highlighted in ORANGE will be less crowded but views from this may be obstructed. However, orange viewing areas near the park exit will allow you to leave the Magic Kingdom without having to negotiate the crowds exiting down Main Street U.S.A.
  • Areas highlighted in RED will not offer the best viewing experience.

Regardless of the area you feel is best for you, they fill up very fast.  Some guests will begin securing their spots over an hour before the scheduled time, so the viewing areas fill up fast.