Guests at the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort can now quickly and conveniently unlock their room door and common area doors using the Disneyland app on many popular mobile devices.  Your digital key can be used to unlock the door to your resort hotel room and other common areas — including pools, arcades, fitness centers, perimeter gates, and elevators.  Club Level Guests can use the digital key to access Club Level lounges.  Guests at Pixar Place Hotel can use their digital key to open the gate to the hotel’s dedicated entrance to Disney California Adventure Park. 


To access and user your digital key, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap the ☰  feature menu to open the tile menu. 
  2. Choose the “My Hotel Reservation” tile.
  3. Select, “Unlock Door.”
  4. When prompted, hold your phone against the lock to gain access to your room. You can also select to show your room number.