To sail on a Disney Cruise Line Vessel every Guest age 18+ must individually create an account associated with their reservation (or reservations, for Guest with back-to-back, consecutive sailings) on the Safe Passage website by Inspire Diagnostics. Safe Passage is Disney Cruise Line’s third-party partner for COVID-19 testing and vaccination verification. Parents and legal guardians may use their own accounts to submit test results on behalf of their minor children. An account cannot be created sooner than 15 days prior to sailing. If there are questions about your Safe Passage registration or status, please contact 877-250-5132


1.  Visit to Register a New Guest or to Add a new Reservation to an existing Guest. Begin this process no earlier than 15 days prior to sailing.

2. If you are a New Guest, enter the requested information. If you are an Existing Guest, Add the New Reservation Information. Once you’ve entered the information click NEXT.


3.  Once Safe Passage has confirmed your reservation that verifies that you have an active purpose for using the portal. You will now move to the next section of the site where you must give Test Consent and Data Authorization and a HIPPA Authorization.  Tap “Accept” to consent to both of these authorizations. 

4.  Next you will be prompted to confirm your registration and enter some personal data.



5.  When your registration is complete you will be able to view your Dashboard. This is where you will see all of the requirements for sailing as well as the status of each step of the process. You will also be able to see important dates for meeting the pre-cruise requirements regarding Covid-19 protocols. To enter data for a particular step (Pre-Sail Screening is shown here) tap the “View” button.



6.  This is where be able to order test kits and upload important requirements for sailing such as vaccine cards, Covid-19 Negative Test Results, or COVID-19 90-Day Recovered documentation.



7.  You will be asked to provide specific details about your vaccine information

8.  When all requirements for a step are satisfied the status will change from PENDING to CLEAR TO ARRIVE/CLEAR TO SAIL.

When all requirements are fulfilled, you will receive a QR code from Safe Passage that you will need to show at the port.  Please be sure to either bookmark or create a direct link on your phone’s desktop for easy access.  Enjoy your trip!