Midship Detective Agency

Do you have what it takes to help Mickey and pals discover whodunit? Put your sleuthing skills to the test by taking on cases at the Midship Detective Agency.  This interactive game is a self-guided journey aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy that is great fun for all ages.  It can be played solo or with the whole family. Designed for Guests ages 9 and older, this self-paced adventure features several possible endings and multiple randomized events that allow for a different gaming experience each time.


To enroll as a detective with the Midship Detective Agency:

  • Visit the self-serve kiosk at the Midship Detective Agency located on Deck 5 adjacent to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as well as near “it’s a small world” nursery. 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to get debriefing instructions from Mickey and pick up your detective badge and casebook—then get ready for a fun-filled adventure!
Midship Detective Agency

Your case will take you all over the ship. Use your uniquely barcoded detective badge and the ship map in your casebook to unveil clues, rule out suspects, take notes and ultimately crack your chosen case. Your badge’s barcode will track your progress, so you can stop and start the game as you please.

Midship Detective Agency

Throughout the ship, you’ll discover more than 20 “enchanted” artworks cleverly disguised as ordinary art, each one inspired by classic Disney characters and animation. As you pause to inspect each piece, your detective badge will activate a special effect in its LCD screen, magically bringing the artwork to life. You may even see a different animated sequence each time you interact with a single piece, telling you a Disney story in a completely new way!

  • The Case of the Plundered Paintings: The phone at the Midship Detective Agency has been ringing off the hook with reports of paintings going missing aboard the ship. Mickey, Donald and Goofy need the help of Guests like you to recover the pilfered masterpieces and restore them to their rightful owners. So far, there are 7 unsavory suspects who may have a hidden love of art.
  • The Case of the Missing Puppies: Roger Radcliffe and Pongo seek your assistance in locating 99 missing little Dalmatians. Could Cruella de Vil be up to her usual nasty tricks or is one of 6 other Disney baddies to blame? Help put the purloiner behind bars by sniffing out clues, spotting suspects and searching staterooms.
  • The Case of the Stolen Show: Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal and a cast of more than 20 Muppets are preparing to stage a headline performance. But there’s just one problem: All of the props for the big show have been stolen by a cunning thief—or, more likely, another Muppet. Pepe the King Prawn offers to take on detective duties to help Kermit and the rest of the Muppets find their missing props. Kermit, dubious about Pepe’s detective skills, has turned to Guests like you for help!

Individual game tracks, or cases, are subject to change.