When you arrive to the port, your Disney Cruise Line adventure will begin at check in, and when you reach your stateroom, you will find your Key to the World Cards in an envelope outside your door.  Everyone in your party will receive one of these cards. This card is the key to access your stateroom, will be used by Cast Members at merchandise locations, and is required to get on and off the ship at all ports.  In the event you misplace this card, visit guest services for a new one.

Updated KTTW Card
A –Your Sail Dates
B – Ship Name
C – Passenger Name
D – Castaway Club Status and Number
E – Lifeboat Station:  Your Lifeboat Station location is very important for you to know. You will be required to participate in a Muster Drill at this location on Embarkation day. If you are not sure where to find this location, check the map on the back of your stateroom door or ask a Crew Member.
F – A = Adult, M = Minor