The Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder may not be the largest vessels in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, but both ships are still quite large and quite beautiful.  Getting around can be very intimidating, and some guests may take a few days to become familiar with the layout of each deck and how to get back and forth from their staterooms.  Here are some tips to help you find your way to all of the magic on these amazing vessels!


Getting Around.Wonder 1

There are three sets of elevators on each floor. At each elevator corridor, you will see the floor number that you are currently on, as well as your place on each deck. These are Aft, or the rear of the ship, Midship, or middle, and Forward, or front. Once you realize not only what floor you need to go to, but what area of the ship you are heading towards, you will find that getting there is simple.  Just check the Deck map by your elevators to verify your chosen path.

TIP: Move Horizontally, then Move Vertically.

For example:  You want to go to Cabanas for lunch.  It’s located on Deck 9 Aft.    If your room is located on the Forward end of the ship, go to the Aft end ON YOUR LEVEL before getting on the elevator.  Otherwise, you will need to take the kids through the adult only pool area.  

Always know where you are going first, and when possible, use your deck level to get to the correct end of the ship.

Getting Around.Wonder 2

If you’re not sure where your stateroom is located, you can use clues in the hallways to find your way there.  These clues are on door hangers above the room numbers, as well as on the floor.  Each stateroom has a clip that is shaped like a fish above the room number.  Regardless of whether you’re on the port side or the starboard side, the fish is pointed toward the Aft section of the ship.  In addition, room numbers are based on stateroom location.  For example, on Deck 5 staterooms on the Port Side will start with 50 or 51.  Staterooms on the Starboard side will start with 55 or 56.    


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One last navigation aid in the hallways is right beneath your feet.  If you’re still not sure which direction you’re headed just look down.  If the map on the carpet is right-side-up, you are headed Forward.  If the map is upside-down, you are headed toward the Aft section of the ship.