Disney Cruise line has a great process in place to make debarkation easy and stress free for all Guests. While the entire debarkation process is listed below, you may also want to tune your stateroom TV to the information channel, and you’ll see a video prepared by your Cruise Director. The video will also guide you through all the steps you need to know. 


The last night of your cruise, your stateroom host will leave some items necessary for debarkation in your room.  These items include:

  • Gratuity Envelopes – These will come with 4 slips of paper. If you want to give the suggested amounts, just put the slips in the envelopes and those amounts will be automatically charged to your stateroom account. You can hand them out on the last night, leave them in your stateroom, or deliver them to Guest Services. If you want to leave more than the suggested amount, you can put cash in the envelopes, or go to guest services to have the amounts changed on your bill.
  • Comment Card – You can fill this out if you like and drop it in the comment box on your way off the ship.
  • Character luggage tags – Put these on your luggage if you are checking it the night before so that you can find it when you leave the ship IF you are NOT doing onboard airline check-in.

Reserved Breakfast Time
On the final morning of the cruise, Guests will enjoy a farewell breakfast in one of the themed restaurants. Locations and dining times can be found on the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app. As an alternate option, Cove Café will be open for specialty coffees from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM. Cabanas may also be available. Remember to bring your luggage with you, as you’ll be asked to debark the ship following breakfast.


Debarkation Time
Debarkation times are based on your dining time and will be available via the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app. 

Express Walk-Off
Guests debarking the ship have the option to take their luggage off the ship once the ship has been cleared by the local authorities. Guests will be responsible for their own luggage; no assistance will be provided by onboard Crew or shoreside representatives. If you’d like to take advantage of Express Walk-Off, you should be ready to debark the ship as early as 7:00 AM and be listening for announcements as to when the ship has been cleared by local authorities.

Picking Up Your Luggage
You may take your luggage with you when you debark the ship or place your luggage outside your stateroom on the last night of your voyage between 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM for delivery to the ship’s terminal. Color-coded luggage tags featuring Disney characters are provided to assist you in locating your luggage in the terminal. You will need to write your stateroom number, name, address and number of bags on these tags and attach the tags to your luggage. Luggage will be placed in colored zones, according to stateroom number, for easy recognition in the port terminal on debarkation day.

Back-to-Back Sailings

Guests sailing on back-to-back cruises will be provided with information about debarkation—and subsequent embarkation—on board the ship. For instructions, please visit the Guest Services Desk on Deck 3.

Keep in mind, Guests may be required to leave the ship during normal debarkation hours with your luggage in tow and check in again at the terminal prior to the start of your second cruise.

US Customs and Border Protection
After collecting your luggage, all Guests in your party must present themselves for inspection to US Customs and Border Protection. Porters will be available in the terminal to assist you as you proceed through Customs.


Once you have claimed all of your luggage and cleared customs you will exit the terminal either to your own transportation, a transportation service, or via continuous transportation on board Disney Cruise Line Transportation motorcoaches. You will need to transport your own luggage to your chosen method of transportation.  If you arrived at the port on board a Disney Cruise Line Transportation motorcoach, you and your luggage will be on board the same motorcoach in which you arrived.  Guests will need their Key to the World cards in order to board Disney Cruise Line Transportation motorcoaches. 

Regardless of how you return to the airport, ALL GUESTS will need to complete airline check-in at the airport. 

Guests who are continuing their trip at the Walt Disney World Resort can debark the ship beginning at 7:45 am.  Disney Cruise Line Transportation motorcoaches to the Walt Disney world Resort depart the terminal every 30 minutes and cease departures promptly at 9:00 AM.