Terri Andress

When you enter the park, whether this is your first time or one of many, it will be your escape from the everyday and transform you into the world of imagination and fantasy. The sites you see walking down Main  Street USA and the smell of the popcorn are just one of the many reasons that you will be able to be a big kid and just enjoy no matter what age you are. Are you and your family or friends getting excited with the dream of your Disney vacation? What is holding you back to experiencing a whole new world?

Hi, I am Terri, and I am looking forward to the opportunity of being your Dream Designer. I love sharing all things Disney whether that is exploring the magic at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, traveling on a Disney cruise, or experiencing personalized travel around the world. I am here to actively listen to what you want or need to find and help find your perfect vacation. With my hands on experience and training, I will help remove the hassle and stress of planning your perfect vacation by consulting and arranging all the details with you.

My family and friends have enjoyed Walt Disney World so many times together that I want to share the excitement with everyone else. Let’s go mingle with Pooh and bounce around with Tigger as we stroll down this adventure. So, with a help of a little Pixie Dust, let’s make it happen together. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And together, we can plan a vacation that will create lifetime memories.