Imagine… Your favorite family vacations. You know where you’re going and how to get there quickly. Your family moves easily, from place to place. You ride the best rides and see the best shows. Everyone one in your family eats food they enjoy. You all return to your beds at the end of the night, tired and content. Your day was filled with screams of laughter, smiles, and fun!  

What’s the code to this perfect trip? FP, ADRs, PH, WP…? Do you need a dictionary to plan it? 

Hi, I’m Sara, and with me, you won’t need a dictionary to plan your family’s Disney vacation.  On my 20+ trips to Walt Disney World, I’ve learned all the tips and tricks you’ll need to enjoy your vacation without the confusion and overwhelm.  As a teacher, I’m adept at researching the latest and greatest, using that info to make a plan of action, and reevaluating as I go. 

That’s where you come in! Tell me about your family’s interests and goals, and together we’ll design your vacation of a lifetime!  You’ll hand-pick the best hotels, restaurants, and activities for your family.  Then, realize the trip you’ll always remember, without the stress you’ll never forget.