Day dream much? How about scrolling on your phone or computer looking at memes, videos or any other form of vacation content. If you are catching yourself doing this more then usual then you are more then likely day dreaming of a vacation.

What if your vacation could be better than what you are day dreaming about ? What if it was complete magic. When you walk the Main Street of Disney, see the castle for the first time or share a priceless moments with family and friends. Magic and day dreams go hand in hand and something you will never want to end and will bring you back time and time again.

Planning those dreams can be a very overwhelming task though and can take the fun out of that daydream really quick. Lucky for you though you can continue dreaming and I will be there to listen to those dreams and turn them into reality!

My name is Molly I am a working mom of two and I understand the everyday stress, exhaustion and day dreams that go into ordinary life. We live in Reno outside of Lake Tahoe where we enjoy the magic of Mother Nature and traveling to Disney for more magic is a family favorite.  I am here to help build your day dream with you every step of the way. With my personal experiences in almost all of the parks from all over the world, the cruise line, and more I will help you plan the most magical vacation so you can just enjoy making those everlasting memories with your family.

I am excited to become your personal dream designer and vacation professional extraordinaire for many vacations to come.