Megan Judd Pic
Every vacation should come with as many magical moments as possible, where all of your dreams and plans come to life. Seeing the excitement on your face or hearing the squeals of happiness from your family is the reward you deserve!  Planning, booking, and organizing a trip can be overwhelming, and my goal is to always go above and beyond to create experiences for you that feel extraordinary without any of the stress.
I’m like many of you who actually did not grow up visiting Disney properties often, so I know how overwhelming it can be! My first time at Disneyland was on a high school band trip, and even then, I didn’t truly find a passion for Disney until I was an adult, but now that I’ve got the obsession, it is here to stay, and it brings me so much joy! My family did travel often growing up, and I’ve been lucky enough to visit over 25 states, and 6 countries, even all the way to the southern end of Chile, so far south that we saw penguins! I have a goal for my family to spend 1000 hours outside each year, and we love to do that everywhere, from a houseboat on Lake Powell, to a camp trailer in a National Park, to (a personal favorite) laying on a sunny cruise ship pool chair! My happiest times are when I’m helping my family and friends discover new places, and finding the very best tastes, sights and sounds that each area has to offer.
The pieces and parts of planning a vacation that can feel the most overwhelming (like picking a hotel, making dinner reservations, or finding the best activities to add for the perfect experience) are the most fun for me to help you with. Wherever you’re going, it’s my absolute joy to help plan a trip that is unique to your needs and desires so that you can focus on the fun and relaxing parts.  If we’re talking about Disney, let me do the legwork for dining reservations, transportation, and finding the perfect room for your family. If we’re talking about a beach resort, let’s find the perfect location and activities for you to enjoy! Anywhere you want to go, I’m here to guide you through from dream to booking and empower your trip to be the vacation of a lifetime!!!