Nothing beats the excitement of a little girl spotting the castle for the first time or the joy of a toddler waddling over to give Mickey a hug!  Nothing… until you are the parent or grandparent of that precious child. Sharing Disney with a loved one is a unique feeling.

Unfortunately, it’s one that so many miss out on due to the daunting planning process. Where should we stay? How long should we go? When should we go? Etc. All of these variables are overwhelming! Add to that the pressure that most people book by themselves with the idea that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Good thing, you’re no longer coordinating this adventure alone!

My name is Kristen Bailey. My family of five lives in a small Texas town just south of DFW. Even after my many Disney vacations, each visit still warrants hours worth of research to make it a magical experience for all involved. Luckily, I truly love the process of preparing for Disney, arranging experiences, and helping people discover the magic. Reach out to me and let’s make your Disney dream vacations happen!