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Kim Otzenberger Pic
Kim Otzenberger
Dream Designer

My first visit To Walt Disney World was in 1971. I believe my parents where trying to instill Disney in me at such a young age. I have 15 plus trips to Disney under my belt. Some with children and some without. When my daughter (princess) was born in 2004 my very first thought was when can I start planning her first trip? Well, that would be in 2007. We have taken her to Walt Disney World every year since then. My husband of 14 years loves Disney as much as I do!
I believe that there is something for everyone in your family or group at Walt Disney World (infants to seniors) I would love to help you get the most out of your Disney vacation. Is it for relaxation, crazy busy or a little of both? Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary, first time visit or any kind of special event? Let me help make your vacation a magical one that you and your family will never forget! There is so much that Disney has to offer and I am here to take the stress and anxiety out of the planning of your unforgettable Disney vacation! I will handle your magical Disney vacation as if it were my own! I love making Disney Dreams come true for you!

Anyone that knows me knows that I eat, sleep and dream about Disney. As soon as I hear of a friend or acquaintance planning their trip I immediately start asking questions. Disney is a magical place. It takes you away from every day life. I feel that I can listen to what your wants and needs are. I see joy in everything Disney has to offer from the happy beginnings to the happy endings. It’s a way of life for me! I get excited when people ask me questions about how to get started on their Disney vacation and most of the time loose myself in deep Disney conversation. It’s been a dream of my to plan and talk to other people about Disney and the magic that awaits them at the Walt Disney World Resort . I feel that I have the experience and know how to guide you and your family on a fun, magical, memorable, happy, relaxing and over all joyous vacation of a lifetime. °o°