If you ask me, there is nothing better than the feeling of an upcoming vacation. Better yet, a Disney vacation!   You walk into your resort and see “Welcome Home” greeting you on the TV. The feeling when the Fantasmic entrance builds, and Mickey appears center stage. The sounds and smells as you walk through Epcot. The feeling that this trip will be one that you remember forever as you watch Tinker Bell fly out for Happily Ever After.

But I also understand how overwhelming planning a vacation can be while keeping everything else in your life going smoothly. Planning can feel like an endless process of questions and unknowns. When you are doing it alone, you come home from your vacation needing a vacation.

Hi, my name is Kelly from Michigan. I am a mom of 2, and I have been through all stages of Disney. By listening to your wants and dreams for your vacation, I can use my expertise to plan the best trip for your family so you can look forward to what is ahead while building memories that last a lifetime.  My goal is to help you keep the fun and excitement all the way through the process because I know what that great trip feels like – and I know how empowering it is to come home for a great trip ready to plan the next.

Whatever it may be you are looking for, I can’t wait to help be part of your journey