Gena Weaver
Gena Weaver
Dream Designer

Have you ever seen the joy of imagination through a child’s eyes? Can you remember the magic of it all? Do you want to go back to a place where you can experience that joy and magic once again? Walt Disney World is the place where you can feel that magic and joy and let your imagination come back to life! I can remember when I walked down Main Street and saw the castle for the very first time at 10 years old. It was just as magical at my last trip at 34 years old!

My name is Gena Weaver and I am a married mother of 2 with a beautiful princess and prince of my own. My passion in life is all things Disney! I spend my free time reading blogs, books, and articles and listening to podcasts about Walt Disney World because it brings me that childlike joy. Some of my time is spent as a dental hygienist and I love talking to my fellow Disney loving patients when they come in for their teeth cleanings. I even have a tooth tattoo of Mickey Mouse on a crown!

Planning a Disney vacation can be overwhelming with so many fun things you can choose. Don’t let the stress of it all dim the light on your childlike imagination. By spending some time getting to know what you enjoy I can use my expertise to put together a plan for a vacation overflowing with pixie dust and memories that will shine on for a lifetime!