dominique johnson
dominique johnson
Dominique Johnson
Dream Designer

Are you ready to take off on an adventure and have a magical vacation? For all the thrills, excitement and memories that will last a lifetime.. Then look no further! I understand sometimes it is very difficult to plan a Disney vacation. Between wanting to book the perfect dining reservations, making sure your scoring the perfect time slot for Toy Story Mania, or even just trying to figure out what resort is best to stay at for you and your family. All the choices are so overwhelming.

Hi, my name is Dominique Johnson and I am here to help you make all of those wishes and dreams come true! I’m a mother, fiance, and Disney fanatic ever since I was a little girl. I am also a Dream Designer here to help you plan your Disney vacation and make it a trip you will never forget! My services include helping you when it comes to your dinning, genie plus, finding the resort and adding pixie dust to make that trip extra magical! Being there to guide through the process and take all the stress away so that you can sit back, relax, and go on your vacation an make memories to last a Lifetime.

So what do you say? Partner with me and remember TOGETHER anything is possible, so let’s start planning that Dream vacation TODAY!