My first trip to Disney World was just at 7 years old. It was a one day trip to Magic Kingdom. I can remember being so excited. Little did I know it was just the beginning.
While in high school, my dance team competed at ESPN’s Wide World of sports at Walt Disney World. My mom and I were able to take in the parks, dining, and experiences at the resort. This was where I truly fell in love. I knew I was officially a “ Disney person.”
I was able to attend Disney many times in college with friends. When I started my family, I started taking my kids every year. It became our “home.”
3 years ago, I met the love of my life, Andrew. He took my son and I on a special Fall trip and it came with a surprise engagement in front of the castle. Now, not only did I know I was getting an amazing man in my life, I was getting an amazing Disney man.
Our whole wedding was Disney themed. Our bridal party walked in to the reception in Mickey Ears! We took a 10 day honeymoon and became annual passholders. We went to Disney World 4 times last year.
I knew my journey and love of Disney couldn’t just stop at vacations. I knew I wanted to make others share my magic and passion.
And here I am, a Dream Designer waiting to get to know you and your family. You see, I’m not your typical agent. I have EXPERIENCED Disney. I have submerged myself in this wonderful place and want to help you feel what I do and make memories like my family and I have made. I can’t wait to get started!