Disney Travel Agent
As we get older, dreaming gets harder to do. Life simply gets in the way. The routines of life can feel endless, so how can we dream again? Well, that’s one of the reasons why Walt Disney built Disneyland, and every other Disney Destination that we see on our computers and devices. But, it’s time to make these dreams reality, with help from me, a Dream Designer.
My name is Anne Corrie. I am one of the biggest dreamers out there with a firm belief in never growing up ever since I played Peter Pan in a Middle School play. Hopes and dreams should be celebrated, and a Disney vacation is one of the best ways to do just that! I have traveled all throughout the Orlando, FL area, going to Disney Word as often as I can to dream, explore, have adventures, and bring all of those experiences back to you. When I’m not at Disney World, you could find me singing, dancing, acting, and crocheting stuffed animals for my friends.
The process of planning and preparing for a Disney Destination vacation can feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking. I believe that each Disney trip should allow adults to dream like children again, so I do the hard parts for you, allowing you to wish upon stars and create a care-free vacation experience. Now, you can hold on to magical memories with ease and allow each member of your party to be inspired by the magic.