amanda maxwell

Imagine your little girls dancing in front of Cinderella’s castle all dressed in their best Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Cinderella gowns with the cast members all around bowing and curtsying as they walk by or your little boys having a lightsaber fight in Battu just as Darth Vader walks by and joins in. These magical moments last a lifetime and I know for my family it is what keeps pulling us back to Disney. However planning a Disney vacation can be stressful and time consuming and boy do I remember all the mistakes I made on my first trip. No need to worry though as that is where I come in with my expertise and knowledge to guide you in creating the perfect vacation fit for your family!

When you book your vacation with me, you get to be the one experiencing the magic alongside your family without the time and stress of creating the magic. First, we will go over your wish list of how you want your vacation to look and feel. Next, we will create a customized plan to meet those needs and finally, we will walk you through the process making sure you feel confident in every aspect of your dream vacation. Vacations to Disney can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to.  I can’t wait to visit with you to make all your vacation dreams come true.