Nothing compares to that feeling you get walking down Main Street in Magic Kingdom! The beautiful castle is in plain view. The smell of Disney’s popcorn in the air, floating Mickey balloons, bubble wands, and children’s laughter. Whether it’s the first time in forever or the 10th time, it is then when you feel fully immersed in Disney’s one-of-a-kind magic, and from thereon, the fun begins!

So, you are thinking of booking a Disney vacation? How exciting! With all the excitement Disney planning has to offer, it can also cause great stress trying to grasp it all. That is where I come in, Hi- my name is Alissa! As a mom of three, I have also been there. Struggling to make plans and discover the unknown while packing and doing all the other day-to-day mom things can put a damper on the vacation itself. Let me help you avoid this by guiding you through the process of planning a family vacation! By offering my planning services along with my tips and tricks of “momming” in Disney, I can ensure you with this you will be able to sit back and have the vacation of a lifetime that will bring your family together and provide you all with those core memories that will never fade.

No matter the level of involvement you would like to have in this planning process, we can make it happen. After all, Disney is where dreams come true. Contact me today, so we can make your next trip the one to remember!