Today, SeaWorld made a major announcement regarding their orca program.

According to their release…...”The killer whales in our care will be the last at SeaWorld. We haven’t taken a whale from the wild in nearly 40 years. Now, we’re going further and will end our orca breeding programs as of today. With the skills and dedication of our entire SeaWorld team, we will protect and care for these whales – here at our parks – for the rest of their lives where guests will continue to view and be inspired by them.”

Guests will also notice another significant change — the parks will be introducing a new natural-environment inspired encounters, and ending the theatrical shows.  The new focus will be on research, care, enrichment, and health of the orcas.

A new partnership was also announced between SeaWorld and the Humane Society of the United States in a joint effort to further both groups’ missions.

At My Mickey Vacation Travel, we are excited to hear about these new changes, and look forward to our continued offering of SeaWorld as an Orlando-area option for our guests.