For the first time in more than a year a nighttime show has returned to the Epcot’s World Showcase Lagoon at the Walt Disney World Resort!  Because of this, the areas for viewing the shows may attract more people than usual.

Best Locations for Viewing Nighttime Shows

The best viewing locations for Harmonious really depends on what your goals are for this show.  If you’re interested in seeing the fireworks and enjoying the music, then any spot around World Showcase Lagoon will do.  If your goal is to experience all the aspects of the show then there is more that you need to consider:

  • Areas between the GREEN lines offer prime views that will allow you to fully experience all this show has to offer. World Showcase Plaza (indicated by the purple star) is the most ideal viewing as it has the least number of obstructions as well as a direct view of the center barge.  In addition, this location is the closest to the main exit of Epcot, making for quicker departure.  The areas on either side of America Gardens Stage extending out in front of the Japan and Italy Pavilions also offer a direct view of the center barge but there may be torches or trees in your line of sight.
  • There areas located between the  lines offer good views of all three barges and have few obstructions.
  • Viewing locations in the YELLOW areas are good locations to see the side barges but have no direct views of the center barge. These are good viewing locations if you are content to hear the music, see the fireworks, and see a decent amount of the projections.  Views from these areas may be obstructed.
  • Areas highlighted in RED will not offer the best viewing experience.


Regardless of the area you feel is best for you, they fill up very fast.  Some guests will begin securing their spots over an hour before the scheduled time, so choose the spot that suits your needs and get your spot early.