Sue Johnson
Dream Designer

Disney is not only a destination, it’s a way of life for my family and me.
Hi, I’m Sue – a Disney mom to a Prince & Princess and proud Air Force wife. We are a military family and have enjoyed all of our adventures! I am originally from Central New York but we currently call South Carolina home. I am very blessed to have been given this Magical opportunity to share my passion and experiences with you to turn your Disney vacations into reality!  As a young girl, my first Disney memories are of watching some of Walt’s most beloved stories on the big screen. I was transported into his Fairytale world of imagination. These memories filled my heart, as I was sharing them with my Mom. But I knew that there was something missing. Then, when I was a bit older my parents and I went to WDW for our first time. A whole new world opened up to me, a world that I knew I just had to be a part of! We made a few more trips ‘home’ and my love only grew stronger. When I met my husband, we visited WDW several times and went on our honeymoon there in 2000. Even though the Air Force has sometimes taken us far away from the Disney parks, we were still able to visit and keep the Magic alive in our everyday lives.  When our children were born, we were living in the Southwest and had the great opportunity to visit Disneyland.  It was amazing to ‘walk in Walt’s footsteps’. Moving back to the East Coast has brought us even closer to our ‘home’ and we can’t wait to share even more Magical memories with our family!
Whether you are a military family or not, wanting to take your first or tenth Disney trip, I promise to make this your most Magical Disney vacation yet, so you too can have those cherished memories to last a lifetime!

‘All it takes it Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust’!