disney travel agent

Walt Disney said, “All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them.”  What are your dreams? No matter what you dream of, no matter what your age, a Disney vacation can make your dreams come true!

Hello, I am Monique, the constant dreamer.  As a single mother, I understand how children and adults (of all ages) need to dream.  Taking my son to Disney for the first time at 5 months old, and then seeing his face and excitement each year as he gets to experience new (and old) thrills and adventures never gets old!  Traveling solo with my son can be stressful, but it’s always easy with the right resources Disney has to offer.

Disney was made for manifesting your dreams into reality.  No matter what wish your heart makes, Disney has something for you, and I can help take the overwhelm and frustration out of designing the perfect match to your dream!  Whether it is a romantic Disney honeymoon for two, a stress-free family adventure, or a worldly experience for all ages alike, I can help your dreams ease into reality!