When you think of something nostalgic you might think of a place, a certain food or smell, or just the way you used to feel when you were younger. For me Disney is that perfect center of nostalgia, where the outside world melts away and I can be a kid again, enjoying my favorite foods and rides with the ones that I love. Disney always has been and always will be my happy place!

Lately, Disney Cruise Line has been my favorite way to get away from reality.  It’s tradition for my mom and me to take a cruise together and relax and unwind as mother and daughter and that time with her is so special to me! Going on a Disney vacation with your friends and family can create these lasting memories and become your nostalgic feel good place too!

I know that sometimes the stresses of booking and making that trip perfect for others can dim your personal experience.  As the vacation planner in my family and friend groups, I understand the struggle and overwhelming feelings associated with booking any vacation or activity. As a previous Disney Cast Member of five years, I know how to navigate this stress and can help you through the maze of booking a magical Disney vacation.

As your Dream Designer, I will sit down with you and get to know you and your family’s needs, and from there I will sprinkle some pixie dust and magic and take all the stress of planning away from you as I customize your dream Disney vacation!