mcvaugh2A lot has changed since my Grandparents first took me to Walt Disney World back in 1979! Even today, I still have wonderful memories of that trip.
As a busy wife, mother and new grandmother, I have visited Walt Disney World well over a dozen times, sailed Disney Cruise Line twice and am always looking forward to that next Disney adventure. While planning all of these trips, I realized the amount of time, energy and effort I was using. Creating the best trip possible for family and friends can sometimes be quite overwhelming.
As your Travel Planner specializing in Disney destinations, I will use all of that Disney knowledge and experience to customize your Disney dream vacation. From the moment you decide to book, the excitement should begin!

For every client, it is my sincere desire to keep you and your family excited about your Disney Vacation. Sit back and relax while I offer recommendations for resorts, restaurants and activities based on your unique family needs, interests and budget. When the time comes, I want you to sit back, relax and allow me to make all of those reservations for you. Just imagine your family’s delight as they get periodic emails of various updates while they anxiously count down to their trip.

The kids will love getting small personalized Disney tips and surprises in the mail just for them while they wait for that big day! Possibly the most valuable service is the detailed daily itinerary you are provided with guiding you for the length of your stay. This alone can potentially save you up to a whopping four hours of wait/wandering time per day!.

I look forward to sharing the excitement of your vacation of a lifetime!

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